Pumas sign Mez

Pumas continued to add to their already talented roster by signing 6'4" 205lb forward Chimdum Mez.

Pumas continued to add to their already talented roster by signing 6’4″ 205lb forward Chimdum Mez.

Mez, who was born and raised in Sacramento, California, developed an interest in the game of soccer from an early age. However, his elite athletic ability made him a prime target for coaches of all sports, not just soccer.

“I started playing soccer when I was about seven years old,” Mez recalled. “It was just for a recreational team that my dad helped coach but I always enjoyed it even from that young age. After that I sort of got away from the game for a few years and mostly just played basketball.”

However when one of his old coaches contacted him about the possibility of playing for his club team, Elk Grove Everton, Mez decided to give soccer another go.

“Soccer always had this allure for me,” Mez said. “So when one of my old coaches contacted me about the option of playing club ball I didn’t hesitate getting back into it. Even though I was one of the worst guys at first, before long it started clicking for me and that’s when I realized that soccer was what I really wanted to do.”

Following his last season with Elk Grove, Mez took a chance and attended the Sacramento State ID Camp where his outstanding play resulted in an invitation to the Hornets preseason.

“Sacramento State was the local college which made it a really easy option to pursue,” Mez said. “At first I was kind of skeptical of staying so close to home but once I was there I knew it would be a valuable experience.”

However, after getting on the team Mez was later cut from the squad. While most athletes would crumble under the disappointment of being cut mid-season, Mez only used that adversity to fuel his work ethic and dedication to his game.

“I have always been a really athletic kid but I didn’t have the best feet when I first got to college,” Mez recalled. “But when I got cut that really put a chip on my shoulder. Ever since then I had something to prove and that really tested my love for the game and willingness to work hard.”

Mez wasted no time in doing what it took to get back on track and was not only added to the team just that following spring but was even awarded a scholarship as well.

Mez’s hard work and dedication truly began to pay off his senior season when he scored a team high seven goals. His outstanding play earned him both Offensive Player of the Week accolades and a Big West All-Conference First Team nomination. In total Mez had ten career goal (six of which were game winners) and four career assists while at Sacramento State.

In addition to his time at the collegiate level, Mez has also spent two seasons in the PDL playing for the Golden State Misioneros of the Southwest Division.

After his standout senior season at Sacramento State where he led his team in scoring and tied for 24th in the entire NCAA for game-winning goals, Mez was taken in the fourth round of the Major League Soccer Draft by the San Jose Earthquakes.

“There was no better feeling than seeing my name get called in the draft,” Mez recalled. “Instantly my phone was going crazy from hundreds of texts, messages, phone calls, and social media notifications. All that hard work I put in finally felt worth it.”

However, Mez was unfortunately unable to sign with the Earthquakes after competing in their preseason training camp.

“Not getting signed was a different story,” Mez recalled. “It sucked having to call my family and friends and let them know that I wouldn’t be getting signed but I have always been faced with adversity so I knew this was just a temporary road block and that everything would come together as long as I continued to work hard.”

After failing to sign with the Earthquakes Mez began looking for the next best environment to continue his playing career while also developing his skill set.

“I have known about the Pumas organization from my own research but after I talked with Coach MacDonald I knew Kitsap would be the perfect spot for me,” said Mez. “I’ve heard he is a really great coach and I think with his guidance I will continue to develop to the level I need to be at.”

Head Coach of the Pumas Cameron MacDonald agreed that this would be a great next step for Mez at this point in his development.

“Chimdum is a guy who has been on the radar for a while now. Speaking with guys who have scouted him recently it seemed like the Pumas would be good fit for him this year,” said MacDonald. “He’s a big boy, thats for sure, but he is able to bring others in to play and his movement off the ball is improving. I think it’ll be a good summer for him. “

Although Mez has faced a lot of adversity so far in his pursuit of his dream he has nothing but excitement for this next step and will not allow that adversity to hold him back.

“My past experiences have taught me to be an incredibly hard working player,” Mez said. “I want to be the guy to set the tone for work rate and I am so excited to play in a professional environment. It is going to be great learning and getting better every single day and I am just thankful that Kitsap believes in me. I believe this club can do big things and I am ready to put the work in to make that happen.”