NK volleyball makes a statement against CK

Central Kitsap traveled to North Kitsap to take on the Vikings, and although the Cougars started out hot, NK dominated with a 3-1 victory.

The Cougars steamrolled at the beginning of the first set, taking a 4-1 lead. After trading blows, Central Kitsap’s Kawehi Sarono and Hana Mai Elopre-Thesenga became a dangerous offensive duo. The two gave the Cougars a 14-11 lead. North Kitsap responded late but ultimately fell to the Cougars 25-21 in the first set.

However, NK’s star freshman, Iliana Brockett, made her presence known, earning kills and aces on nearly every chance she had. In addition, Vikings’ middle blocker Maddie Pryde earned several kills from the left side of the court.

NK began a long run that bled over to the third set. During that run, the Vikings outscored the Cougars 40-15. In that span, Vikings’ captain Sophia Baugh earned two straight aces that flustered the Cougars into a timeout. The Vikings ended up capturing the second and third sets easily, 25-11 and 25-12.

After a short break, CK stood toe-to-toe with North Kitsap, and Central Kitsap actually earned an early 10-5 lead.

However, NK coach Kaelea Makaiai stopped her team for a second to readjust and refocus with a timeout. When the Vikings returned to play, they took over the game, forcing the Cougars out of rhythm.

During that span, North Kitsap went on a 14-6 run, taking a 19-16 lead. Central Kitsap tried to respond but fell short, as the Vikings won the fourth set 25-22.

Central Kitsap's Kawehi Sarono blocks North Kitsap's Mackenzie Phillips kill attempt.
Jada Kopp prepares to stop North Kitsap from continuing its long scoring run.