KTAC President’s Day Racquetball tournament results

EAST BREMERTON — The Kitsap Tennis & Athletic Center recently had their President’s Day Racquetball doubles tournament.

It was held on Feb. 17 and teams played each other team in their division with the winners decided by total points.

Here are the results.

Full results

Open Doubles

Harold McDonald/Brad Burdyshaw, first, 77 points

Rocco Vega/Nilo DelaCruz, t-second, 70 points

Bob Alderson/Gary Jones, t-second, 70 points

Steve Ondak/James Zeitler, fourth, 66 points

Brock Moller/Will Wallace, fifth, 51 points

A Doubles

Tracey Sundquist/Don Kielley, first, 88 points

Pat Conners/Ben Dennis, second, 72 points

Eric Nemeth/Brian Miller, third, 70 points

Ed Hamilton/Ken Shelton, fourth, 63 points

Adam Voelckers/Scott Sampson, fifth, 45 points

B Doubles

Juanita Truong/Larry Lake, t-first, 85 points

Brian Miller/Eric Nemeth, t-first, 85 points

Doug Whittle/Mike Zetty, third, 58 points

Mike Mellin/Bob Johnston, fourth, 20 points

C Doubles

Byron Cote/Steve Larson, 83 points

Craig Anderson/Justin Helwick, second, 82 points

Lauren Leicht/JR Rask, third, 57 points

Bill Kennish/Charmaine Leicht, 41 points