814 participate in NK bike ride

Over 800 bicyclists registered to participate in the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Kitsap Color Classic Sept. 24.

The club is the nation’s largest, and the KCC was its second-to-last ride of the season. The event hosted 814 riders, up nearly 20% from last year, but still down from pre-COVID highs.

Although the ride began officially at 7 a.m. the bulk of the riders came ashore, like a wave of soldiers, with the landing of the 9 a.m. ferry from Edmonds to Kingston. From there, the routes led to Hansville, Port Gamble and Poulsbo, before returning to Kingston.

Allison Pringle, the ride’s organizer, said it was an all-hands event with club volunteers and around 30 people from other organizations like the Boy Scouts, and the Kitsap Tri Babes. The last two groups managed two of the three rest stops along the three different routes (based on length). Additionally, the club’s executive director, Lee Lambert, was there, not to supervise, but to crank toward the finish line like the rest of the riders.

Pringle said the riders affected traffic, but participants were told to proceed with standard ride guidance to “play nicely,” which includes minimizing impact, putting safety first and making room for all road users.

Water views were another scenic part of the ride.

Water views were another scenic part of the ride.