Slim Crystal Reviews – Is SlimCrystal Legit or Not Worth Buying? UPDATE

Did you know that you could lose weight by simply drinking water? Not just plain water will be enough, though. With a new water bottle called Slim Crystal, you will be able to look younger than ever and lose weight while you re-energize yourself. It’s all about the power of crystals and how they change the composition of the water.

If you are interested but still feeling uncertain about how crystals work, be sure to read this review up until the end. Then, you will have enough information to make a final decision.

What Is Slim Crystal?

Slim Crystal is a water bottle with special crystals to infuse your water with unique properties. The composition of the liquid will be changed by this contact, turning what was once normal water into something else entirely.

The creators of this product affirm that the crystals revitalize the water, taking it from “lifeless water” to a “living” one. This affects it on a molecular level. So, by drinking the water, you will notice a subtle difference and be affected by its properties. You will not see it but will feel it.

So, the trick behind the product is that this water is very good for your health. Not only does it increase the efficiency and speed of your metabolism, but it also helps boost your energy because this water gives more oxygen to your cells than usual.

Slim Crystal Benefits

Slim Crystal may give you a few benefits worthy of note. Let’s check them out:

How Does Slim Crystal Work?

The secret of Slim Crystal is the combination of powerful crystals that work to change the structure of the water. This energizes it, making it suitable for losing weight, reducing the effects of aging, and getting more energy. That only happens because of the specific combination of crystals, though.

During the creation of this offering, several crystals were carefully selected because of their unique properties. These crystals are among the most common picks by specialists in this field and work very well together. According to the manufacturer, most of them have been used constantly in the last few decades, which attests to their efficiency.

The whole list includes:

  • quartz – traditionally considered the “master” healing stone, also used to support your energy
  • amethyst – used for healing and purifying the body
  • sodalite – encourages communication, confidence, and intuition
  • red agate – used as protection from negative energy, promotes self-confidence
  • green aventurine – brings good luck, associated with money and abundance
  • red jasper – used for protection from negative energy, to promote courage and mental clarity
  • moonstone – helps to encourage positive thinking & relieve stress
  • citrine – promotes mental clarity, encourages optimism and creativity
  • carnelian – helps bring positive energy, joy, and creativity

Separately, these gems are already powerful, but they have an even more unique effect when used together. In turn, the water’s composition is influenced, which will affect your body’s energy. You can prepare for days of the most absolute happiness with more energy, less weight, and excellent vibes.


How To Use Slim Crystal Work?

Using this product is very simple; anyone can benefit. To get the best effects, you need to drink around two to three liters of water daily from this bottle. Just put the water inside the bottle, keep it in your refrigerator if it’s a hot day, wait a few hours and drink it.

When drinking the water, it’s essential to be sure that it stays inside the bottle for at least a couple of hours. This way, the crystals have time to infuse your water with energy.

You need to be sure to clean the bottle from time to time, as it may attract some germs and toxins, which will undoubtedly get in the way of the desired effects of Slim Crystal.

Is Slim Crystal a Scam?

We have two metrics to define a scam: whether you will get a product and if it works. We have no doubts that you will receive Slim Crystal in your home if you pay for it, which is good.

Crystal healing, however, may be considered a pseudoscience by some people or an alternative medicine technique for others. The truth is that we lack scientific evidence to prove that it works, but there are many cases out there with people happy with the results after purchasing Slim Crystal, so you may want to try it.

So, we can say that Slim Crystal is not a scam. It’s a natural product that was created based on crystal healing techniques.

Slim Crystal Pricing

When looking to acquire this product, be sure to purchase the bottles directly from the SlimCrystal website. That’s the only way to ensure you get the best prices and the original product, not a cheap imitation.

  • One bottle: $117.
  • Two bottles plus bonuses: $197.

The bonuses are three ebooks that will help you to lose weight and reverse aging. However, be sure to grab them soon, as the promotion may not last for a long time.

This offering also comes with a guarantee. If you dislike the bottle or believe it’s not bringing you any meaningful results, the best course of action is to ask for a refund. Slim Crystal comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can contact customer service via email at support@morningfatmelter.zendesk.com.


This new water bottle uses unique crystals to energize your water and change its molecular properties, making it better for your health. This is a good investment if you wish to lose weight quickly and feel younger. It does not take as much effort as exercising or dieting. So, it’s pretty easy to use and effective. Visit the official website to order your Slim Crystal bottles today!


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