The following is a response to Jack Hamilton’s comments in a recent Kitsap Sun citizen commentary.

Comments speak to the real issues in our country

The following is a response to Jack Hamilton’s comments in a recent Kitsap Sun citizen commentary.

He spoke of fourth-grade teachers in our schools who are incapable of teaching reading to fourth-grade students who then seem to think they can operate our government. This puzzles me a bit. His message further implicates Democrats as being incapable of running our local and state government. His “ham handed” comments speak to the real issues facing our local, state and national governments in today’s world.

If one takes a close, even loose look at the state of our nation today, one understands that the Republicans can’t even run a “dog and pony show” even after attending National Prevaricator’s University. The Republican Party has supported, in lock step, “uber alles,” the most disappointing president in the history of our country. This administration, while supported by right wing ideologues, has demonstrated a total lack of respect for our Constitution, Bill of Rights, our military and, lastly, our citizens. They falsely believe that when a newly elected president takes oath that he or she swears to defend our country…sorry, the oath is to defend our Constitution.

They (the Republicans) now want America to get behind and blindly support a man purported to be a hero who was a rabid supporter of Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, senators from the Carolinas…Both representing rabid anti-Civil Rights views. They, in lock step with the above, wish for us to believe that our current occupant of the White House looked into the eyes of Vladymer Putin and declared him to be a good human soul to be trusted by all. Our current occupant of the White House, by all standards, old and new, can’t spell economics, let alone postulate on one’s good or bad intentions.

If one can justify what our current White House occupant has done to our country, and further justify replacing him with a surrogate of similar beliefs then I charge those same citizens with replacing our troops in Iraq with their own family members, sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, and, yes, themselves, age has no boundary. Get it done.