Libraries are special

It’s a place for the community to reconnect, find resources and meet new friends.

Ever since I was a kid, the library has been one of my favorite places. For me, the book shelves were filled with stories of adventures that could put me anywhere on the planet. I went to the library at least twice a month to get my fix for research or just good reading finds.

Now, as an adult, I still frequent the library to check out books. I also recently figured out how to download eBooks from the library, much to my delight.

But,  I’ve discovered libraries are more than a home for books. It’s a place for the community to reconnect, find resources and meet new friends. Like a home, the library is a comfortable, safe space where people can indulge in learning about all sorts of things. The library offers interactions of all kinds for those who seek it.

There’s always some kind of book club meeting at one of the nine branches throughout the county. At the Silverdale and Sylvan Branch libraries, a special program offered called “R.E.A.D. to a Dog” encourages kids to read aloud uninhibited.

Last week, I even went to a free event with some friends held at the Sylvan Branch called “One Year, One Book” for aspiring authors who need guidance in starting a book plan. I delighted in the fact that the library staff would allow a former NYU professor to come in to teach a small group how to get motivated to write the kinds of books that filled the shelves in the very next room over.

It’s resources and special events like these that keep the Kitsap County Regional Library system an ever-evolving and unique organization. With the upcoming decision to expand and move its Silverdale branch to a new location, the Kitsap Regional Library system needs the public’s support more than ever.

Consider donating to help fund the construction of the new library. The public has already had its chance to help pick the best location. Now it’s time to show support by helping build a 10,000-square-foot building that the whole community can enjoy for years to come.