Can we afford another four years?

Picnic politics

Can we afford another four years?

As I watch the “give and take” betwixt the parties vying for the presidency, I’ve noticed a trend from the Republican party line that I’ll refer to as “picnic politics.” McCain and his minions wax on about how everything they have in store for us is going to be good for America; more Supreme Court Judges like Roberts and Alito always ruling for corporations over the interests of citizenry, no taxes for those making more than $250,000 annually, war forever in Iraq, a new war on Iran, no affordable health insurance, more one-sided trade agreements favoring big business and sending more jobs overseas, contracting out all civil service jobs to the likes of Haliburton and Blackwater, giving the contract to build our new fleet of Air Force tankers to EADS instead of Boeing/Lockheed. That’s “picnic politics” wherein McCain and his merry band of Republican minions invite you to a kabob picnic, properly skewer you, barbecue you and serve you up on a paper plate and tell you how good you are.

Can we afford another four years of this diabolical effort to turn America into the lost Roman Empire? Are there still 50 million-plus voters in this country who really believe that we are better off today than eight years ago, 16 years ago, etc.?