Dangerous deadly decisions

Dangerous documented deceptions foster foolishness, flagrant felonies, and fatal falsehoods. Present Presidential policies kill Kurds with witless wisdom and withdrawal. Kids in cages cry. Trump’s public policies promote personal covetousness, collusion, and corruption. Trump’s twin towers in Turkey propelled policy placation of Turkey’s tyrant.

Partisan propaganda pollutes patriotic planetary plans and promotes Presidential personal profit-producing putrid policy. Ill-will invites investigations and demands detox. Is cheating, chicanery, canoodling with Kim, and collusion with Konstantin Kilimnik Constitutional?

Temper-tantrum trade- terrorist Trump tweets toadies, tinkerers, and thieves to take the tyranny train to Tomorrowland. Truth, transparency and thoughtfulness are trash-canned on the Trump train to totalitarianism. Caging kids and okaying killing Kurds combine to crush our Commander in Chief’s credibility without improving our national security.

Time will tell if daring decency and dogged democratic due diligence will drive dynamic democracy, dispel darkness, and deliver detox for pernicious polluted policies.

Tom Driscoll,