Bond is a possible option | The Scuttlebutt

Port commissioners and staff continue exploring financing options for the marina’s major capital project, which includes removal of the rotting breakwater.

With grant funding extremely limited to nonexistent, all possible revenue sources must be considered. In the next few weeks, the port will undertake a review of the 2017 budget. Among numerous fiscal concerns is the interest expense in carrying out a multi-million dollar project. For example, funding an additional annual $150,000 interest expense for a “break-even” marina is a major challenge.

Everything is on the table: bonding, commercial loans, moorage rate increases for marina residents, and a revised tax rate of Port District property owners. The preferred option is a general obligation bond. The Port District’s excellent bond rating, due in part to the successful audit last month, will certainly help.

WINTER RENDEZVOUS 2017. The fourth annual Winter Rendezvous kicks off Feb. 10. Go to for specifics. Ticket information may also be found at and

Keep in mind the Poulsbo Historical Society’s walking tours Saturday morning. And if you haven’t checked out Poulsbo’s Maritime History Museum recently (near the Sons of Norway), it’s time for another visit.

VESSEL SMOKE ON THE BAY. Several residents and one port commissioner (OK, I confess!) called 911 to report a substantial amount of smoke from a boat at anchor near the marina. Fortunately, it turned out to be the boat’s wood-burning stove.

SEAPLANES AT THE MARINA. Last month’s Scuttlebutt on this topic generated a couple of emails, and at least one well-written letter to the North Kitsap Herald’s editor. Excessive noise on the bay and for nearby residents is a significant concern. The Scuttlebutt welcomes public comment on this issue.

LITTLE ANDERSON PARKWAY PARKING LOT PROJECT. Anyone visiting downtown Poulsbo more than likely has experienced the shortage of parking spaces. The good news is that renovation of Little Anderson Parkway project should be completed in early March, with a few more spaces added.

PORT QUIZ. Ever heard the phrase “show a leg” in a maritime context? Well, this inquiry sparked a resident poet’s literary imagination:

“In 1840, upon the sea, your lady was allowed

To sleep in your quarters, but if an officer bellowed:

‘Show a leg, get up, get out of your rack!’

The leg better look female when they pulled your curtain back.

If it is a curvaceous female gam in sight,

Officers let her sleep in for the rest of the night.

But if it’s just your leg and you’re only lazy,

You better get up before things get crazy.

If sailors didn’t jump out of their beds,

For punishment, they’d be cleaning heads.

And I don’t mean by that washing ‘noggins.’

It also meant curtains for their nighttime lodgings.”

(Special thanks to Janetmarie Valiga for her contribution.)

Here’s a new one: Know the derivation of “Pea Coat”? Write me at and you’ll be recognized in the next Scuttlebutt.