Thelma Mardell Witham

August 7, 1938 - April 17, 2022

Mardell passed away on April 17th. 2022, in Oakley, Utah. She was eighty-three.

Mardell’s life was defined by her energy and patience. She and her husband, Chuck, raised five adventurous children. The family was into skiing, mountain climbing, and sailing. She loved crafting and painting.

Chuck and Mardell were married 62 years and had a long and happy life together. They met in high school and married during his final year at the University of Washington. Mardell quit college to raise the family and returned to complete her Masters in Social Work at the University of Washington in 1982. They moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington in 1969. Chuck and Mardell moved to Midway Utah in 2017 to be closer to family. Mardell was preceded in death by Chuck.

Mardell was employed at the Norse Home in Seattle, the Messager House and Helpline house on Bainbridge Island. Her mission throughout her career was to advocate for the elderly and underserved.

Their children and grandchildren have a mountain of wonderful memories. We will miss you Mom and Gramma.

Love forever and ever,

Kristina, Kathleen, Kimberly, David, Michael, Kevin, Sam, Ashleigh, Nathan, Tucker, Tyler, Jenevieve, Charlie and Rocky.

Memorial Service will be held in August.