Helen Mary Morgan

April 17, 1936 - December 22, 2023

Helen Mary Morgan made her final debut just before her favorite Holiday, Christmas. You would never know she was 87 years of age. The little social butterfly kept a full calendar, lived independently, and was still driving around, shopping, and chatting it up with neighbors while out and about. Sundays were the exception: Godfather to her third, Murphy, picked Queen Helene up for church and took her to lunch afterward each week.

Helen is survived by her children, Teresa Morgan-Quintero, Patrick Morgan, Kathleen Morgan, and Michael Morgan; grandchildren Kyle Quintero, Madeline VanFlien, Kyle, Kelsie Quintero, Matthew Morgan, and Rose Morgan; with one great-grandchild on the way.

Though she started as an only child to William and Mary Hoolahan in Opportunity, Montana, she married into the great, big, boisterous Morgan family. Her husband, David, was number 9 of 10 extroverted children. Initially intimidated, her quick quips, compassion, and special potato salad + lasagne garnered her the love of her 45+ nieces/nephews and her contemporaries in the family. Ah, lest we forget those in the community who called her mom. Her door was always open, at any hour, to those who stopped by. A snack or meal would appear out of nowhere, and she was selectively unable to hear, “No thank you.”, as an answer.

Helen visited often with her classmates from Holy Rosary and Seattle U. Her two best friends from college, Kay Boyle and Gerry Allen, along with her husband, Dave, are most certainly glad to have her back in their company.

Up until June of this year (2023), she called herself the “little old lady taking care of little old ladies.” (Still doing professional caregiving?!) She spent over three decades of her career as an Art Therapist at the Seattle Children’s Home, addressing the emotional and behavioral needs of our state’s most seriously emotionally disturbed children. She rarely brought her work home with her, but there was that one kid. She so wanted to adopt him out of there. Before SCH, she taught in several Middle Schools in Seattle.

One thing about Helen. She went out on her terms. She wanted to live independently, made her kids promise not to tell her when she shouldn’t drive anymore, and when given suggestions on toning down her hair color, sassily said, “I came into this world as a redhead, and I’m going out as one!”

That, she did.

Services will be held at Saint Peter’s in Suquamish on Friday, January 26th at 11 am, with a reception to follow at the Indianola Clubhouse.

Saint Peter’s: 7076 NE South St, Suquamish, WA 98392

Indianola Clubhouse: 19876 NE Indianola Road Indianola, WA 98342

Donations to Seattle Children’s Hospital are preferred to sending flowers.