Grant Ives Griffin

April 18, 1941-October 31, 2022

Grant Ives Griffin passed away on October 31, 2022 with his family holding his hands and reminding him how much he is loved. Because it seemed so final to write his obituary, we decided that we would wait until we felt ready. And…………

He was a Seattleite born April 18,1941 to Luella Alaska Tanana (Ives) Griffin and Adelbert (Pat) Richard Griffin. He joined his older sister Genevieve to complete their family. He attended John Muir Grade School, Sharpless Junior High and Franklin High School where he met and maintained some of his closest friendships throughout his life; Buck, Earl, Steve, Neil and others.

Summers in his youth were spent “at the beach” in Suquamish, WA. where he and his pal Ralph painted a neighbor’s shed without asking, and got caught throwing rocks; but mostly they spent time catching crab, fishing, digging clams and having friends visit. Grant and his friends also did summer projects for his mom and dad, like building a bulkhead which took an entire summer to complete. As they aged, they would row over to the Sand Spit before it was developed and kiss some girls! After High School graduation, and to earn some money for college, he worked at Baxter-Wyckoff Company on Bainbridge Island. Another lifelong friend, Doug, and he spent that summer moving the floating logs around in a pond. A dangerous job even for the young and agile. He continued to make long term friends at the University of Arizona where he pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

In 1964 he and Doug marched off together, joined the Army, and were Reserve Commissioned Officers.

In 1968 Grant and Sharon Luark married, with Doug as their Best Man, and began their life together with Kristin and Briget as a family. Grant took over the meal planning, shopping and preparation as he sent Sharon off to the University of Washington to finish her professional degree. He began his Marketing and Advertising career at Northgate. From there his career allowed him to stay in Seattle and surrounds but always focused on Marketing. In1991 as empty nesters, the move was made to “the beach” and a new position for Grant as the Executive Director of Kitsap Peninsula Tourism. He loved this part of his career. He was able to make contributions to his community serving on Boards of Directors and substitute teaching classes at an Alternative High School.

The rural life suited him. He joined Wing Point Golf Club and later when he couldn’t play golf, he became a Marshall at White Horse Golf Course. Grant had a quick smile for everyone. He was kind. He had a gentle demeanor. He truly cared about his family and friends. He was a wonderful man. We, his family, had 54 wonderful years of his hugs and his memorable laugh. He is survived by his Wife, Sharon; Daughters, Kristin and Briget and his son-in-law Mike; His Grandchildren, Kayla, Griffin, Nathan, Brian, and Kevin; His Great Granddaughter, Shea; His Niece and Nephews, Christie, Kurt, Michael, and Paul. Our home was always filled with love and friendships. “Grant”, “sweetheart”, “Papa” is truly missed.