Eunice Glass

June 9, 1917 – April 7, 2019

Eunice Glass passed peacefully on April 7, 2019. She was 101 years old.

Born in Lancashire, England in 1917 to Albert and Harriet Labrow, Eunice and her family moved to the US when she was three. Her father went to work on telescopes surveying the moon. She was raised in Laguna Beach, CA. As an avid swimmer, it was the perfect place to be.

It was also the perfect place to meet the love of her life, Ralph Curtis Glass. She married him when she was 21 and the love story began. They were lovingly married until he passed in 1986. She never forgot or felt far from him.

In the beginning, Ralph was with Union Oil. They were transferred frequently across the West Coast. Eunice never complained and supported Ralph every step of the way. It was a family joke that they would move, she would start volunteering, and end up president of every PTA and charity for which she volunteered. But they were transferred again and she never got to serve. Again, she never complained and supported her husband with grace and a positive attitude.

During the course of these adventures, they had three children: Dick, Steve, and Susie. Eunice was a fun and loving mom who never left her children with anything but positive memories. She could laugh and be mischievous with them and no one doubted that they were loved unconditionally. This was especially important when her first son Dick was killed in a car accident in 1963 at the age of 21. His only child Pam was born a week later.

After Dick died, Eunice went to work at a formal job. She was director of personnel at Holy Family Hospital in Spokane. She loved personnel. Over the years as she aged, she kept reducing her role to ones she could handle at each age. She ended her career at 85 as a front desk receptionist for the Sisters of Providence. That was where she showed her true core. She noticed the nuns did not get much if any mail. So every holiday from St. Patrick’s Day to Halloween to Christmas, she would handwrite 150 cards and put them in their mailboxes. She wanted no one feeling alone. She continued this process as long as she could in the residences where she lived and volunteered.

Preceded in death by her husband Ralph and son Dick, she is survived by Steve Glass (Phyllis), Susie Glass Burdick (Steve), four grandchildren (Tina, Kate, Pam, and Beau) and six great grandchildren (Courtney, Kaitlyn, Stephanie, Tony, Sarah, and Miles). She is also survived by her Bainbridge Island community families. The entire staff at the Madison House where she lived was so gracious and loved her and she loved them as well; especially her best friend, Alberto. And, Baxter and the crew at Doc’s Marina Grill where she and Susie lunched every Friday for years. All good people who cared for her deeply.

Her legacy is this…love well, serve others, be honest, and love your family and God. She was and is a role model for many.

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