Charles Edward Law

May 16, 1924 - November 2, 2020

Charlie was born in Santa Ana, California, to Charles Stewart Law of Scotland and U.S. and Ethel Pratt Law of California. When he arrived, he joined two sisters, Helen and Jean.

His early life was spent in Long Beach, California. He had very happy memories of growing up there, near the beach and surfing and with orange and avocado trees everywhere.

Before high school, he and his family moved to Los Angeles. Charlie began playing baseball on a team that won the City Championship. He excelled and became a life-long fan of the sport.

He knew he would be called to serve in World War II, decided to join the Army Air force, and was sent to Madison, Wisconsin. His bride-to-be, Connie Nason, followed and they were married there in 1944.

Charlie was sent overseas. From Seattle he had a short sojourn in Hawaii, then to Johnston Island, a small dot in the Pacific between Hawaii and Wake Island. It had one airfield and personnel from the Army, Navy and Marines.

When the war ended, Charlie was sent home to his wife and an introduction to his six month old son, Charles Patrick.

Looking for a job was next on the agenda. Because of his training as a radioman in the service, Charlie had been thinking of the telephone company. He was hired and spent the next 30 plus years with the company.

He and Connie also added another son to the family, Stewart Robert, 6 years after Pat.

Later, after observing increasing population and development in California, Charlie and Connie decided to move to Yakima. They had become acquainted with the area while visiting Charlie’s sister, Jean. He was able to transfer within the company. He worked on microwave installations in the hills above Yakima. Charlie described it as satisfying and “fun.”

He also discovered golf, an activity which absorbed his interest for years. He and Connie enjoyed their dance club as well as vacations on the Oregon coast and exploring Washington.

Pat and his wife were expecting an addition to their family, in Spokane. Connie decided to fly there to help with the newborn on January 21, 1981. The plane crashed in inclement weather with heavy loss of life, including Connie.

It was tragic news for the entire family. Sister Jean had moved to Bainbridge Island and suggested Charlie could come to visit her on weekends to get away from an empty house.

In time, Jean decided to introduce Charlie to her friend, Beverly Berg, whom she had met through community theater. Charlie and Bev were married the following year. Four months later he decided to retire.

Now there was time for travel. Favorite destinations were New Zealand, Scotland, Turkey and France, often with another couple.

For eighteen years they spent the winter and spring in Tucson, Arizona, and the rest of the time on Bainbridge Island. Charlie was easy going, calm and friendly and made many friends.

Life was a joy, but a challenge did arise. In 2008, Charlie lost all his eyesight. Books and music on tape helped make days interesting. Best of all, family and friends were there to help.

Charlie was 96 years old when he passed. He and Bev had been happily married for 38 years.

He is survived by his wife, Beverly Berg Law; sons, Pat (Ming) Law and Stewart Law; step children, Bart Berg, tom Berg, Janny Hawkins; grandchildren, Cami Liehard, Jodie Lamarche, Brandon Law, Lindsay Findlay and Ciera Law; step grand-children, Lu Suo, Zhen Suo (Jessie) and son, Vernon; nephews, Jim Hiley, Dave Hiley, Steve Wisner; and niece, Julie Hanson.