Your Kitsap newspapers win 36 awards in statewide competition

Kitsap News Group newspapers won 36 awards—23 in news and 13 in advertising—at the Washington Newspaper Publisher’s Association convention in the Tri Cities Oct. 7.

On the advertising side, Brenda Jorgens won nine honors, including two for humorous ads. Four were for first place. The Bainbridge Island Review won three awards for special sections, including a first for Discover Kitsap.

In news, editor Steve Powell won eight awards, while reporters Elisha Meyer and Mike De Felice won five each. Powell and De Felice each took first in two categories, while sports reporter Nicholas Zeller-Singh won one.

Awards are given by circulation numbers with Group 1 the smallest, Group 2 the next smallest, and so on. In some categories all four groups were combined, such as for best website, in which Bainbridge placed third. Jorgens took two firsts and four thirds when competing against all the weekly papers in the state, no matter what the circulation.

“I am really impressed with Eli and Nick winning so many awards, especially since they had only been with us for a little more than half a year right out of college when this competition took place,” Powell said, adding as a staff they won awards in 50% of their entries. “And Brenda, well her showing was just amazing.”


Branding, Groups 1-2; First, Brenda Jorgens, Realogics Sotheby’s Realty, Bainbridge Island Review.

Romantic, Groups 1-4: Third, Jorgens, Robin Callahan Designs, I love You, Bainbridge

Ads celebrating where you live, Groups 1-4: Third, Jorgens, Bainbridge Lending Group, Bainbridge

Arts and entertainment, Groups 1-2: Third, Jorgens, Little Island Crafts, Bainbridge

Color, full page, Groups 1-4: Third, Jorgens, The Skating Rink, Bainbridge.

Color, half page or larger, Groups 1-4: First, Jorgens, Ace Hardware Christmas, Bainbridge

Color, smaller than half page, Groups 1-2: First Jorgens, Robin Callahan Designs, Bainbridge

Humorous, Groups 1-4: First, Jorgens, Hear for Life Audiology Holiday, Bainbridge. Third, Jorgens, Hear for Life Audiology Halloween, Bainbridge

Ads featuring animals, Groups 1-2: First, Priscilla Wakefield, West Sound Wildlife Shelter, North Kitsap Herald

Single advertiser, less than half page, Group 2: Second place, Harmony Liebert, John L. Scott Real Estate, Tom Earnest, Port Orchard Independent.

Special sections

Tourism, Groups 1-2: First, Tracy Long and staff, Discover Kitsap, Bainbridge.

Lifestyle/Culture, Groups 1-2: Third, Long and staff, Kitsap Wedding Guide, Bainbridge

Community Guide, Groups 1-2: Third, Long and staff, Almanac, Bainbridge


Website, Groups 1-4: Third, Steve Powell, Elisha Meyer, Nicholas Zeller-Singh, Tyler Shuey and Nancy Treder, Bainbridge Island Review.

Health or Medical, Group 2: Second, Powell, Residency program helps nurses at St. Michael, Bainbridge

Business, Group 2: First, Powell, From eyesore to eye-popping, Bainbridge

Comprehensive coverage, single writer, Groups 1-2: Third, Zeller-Singh, Title IX turns 50, Bainbridge

Crime and Courts, Group 2: Third, Meyer, Should criminals be returned to originating cities? Bainbridge

Sports, Group 2: Third, Powell, Field of Bad Dreams, Bainbridge

General feature, long, Group 2: Second, Powell, Accident, amputation helped turn her life around, Bainbridge

Arts feature or story, Group 2: Second, Shuey, Book series based in Kitsap County a hit, Bainbridge

Sports feature, Group 2: Third, Zeller-Singh, Spirit squad provides a lift to all cheerleaders, Bainbridge

Lifestyle, Groups 1-2: Third, Powell, Sailing to seven continents, Bainbridge

History feature, Group 2: Second, Powell, History hard to come by in Scout’s project, Bainbridge

Editorial, Group 2: Second, Powell, Elected leaders must respond to constituents, Bainbridge

News, short, Group 1: Second place, Elisha Meyer, Vietnam vets honored for their service, Port Orchard Independent

Crime and Courts, Group 1: First, Mike De Felice, Not a coincidence police down crime up, Independent

Sports news story, Group 1: First, Nicholas Zeller-Singh, Shot in the dark, Independent

Health or Medical, Group 1: Third, Meyer, Hospital union calls for president’s removal, Independent

Comprehensive coverage, single writer, Groups 1-2: First, De Felice, A Congressman’s day in the life, Independent

Environmental, Group 1: First, Powell, Ready to clean up this town? Independent.

Business, Group 1: Third, Meyer, Clean headstones, buried but not forgotten, Independent

Government, Groups 1-2: Second, Meyer, Forced out of home for pedestrian pathway, Independent

Animal feature, Group 1: Third, Shuey, Nose separates new Kitsap K-9 from the pack, Independent

Personality profile long, Group 1: Third, De Felice, Turning 100 no big deal, Independent

Animal feature, Group 2: Third, De Felice, Finding people is a game for search and rescue dogs, North Kitsap Herald