Village Green is thankful for Kingston

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, we’re thinking about all of the people who’ve made the Village Green — the place that strengthens and connects community — a reality. We’re pondering the many hands that built the project with their gifts of time, skill and money. We’re recognizing that it’s only due to the efforts of so many that the Village Green continues to fulfill its destiny every day as a vibrant hub of activity. And we’re pausing to express our gratitude to all of who have helped, donated, participated, volunteers, attended, supported, organized, created, celebrated and more. Thank you!

While there will be plenty to do at the Village Green in November, our increasingly popular Window of the World series will be going on hiatus during the busy holiday season but will resume in January. Each of the monthly presentations highlights one of the world’s unique cultures and includes culinary delights, too. Watch for more details as the new year approaches.

The exhibit in the Grand Hallway Gallery is changing to feature Poulsbo painter Ildi Deaky. We’ll welcome Ildi and her work to the Village Green with an artist’s reception on Friday, Nov. 1 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Ladle of Love, a community event that will offer attendees the opportunity to acquire beautifully-crafted and unique ceramic bowls to fill with delicious soups, is scheduled for Nov. 22. Find more details on our website at