Thieves take jewelry from The Hidden Gem in Winslow

The Hidden Gem, a jewelry and book store in the Winslow Mall, reported a break in early Oct. 17.

Owner Heather Jaynes discovered her store had been robbed when she went to open the shop and found the front glass door shattered and broken display cases inside. She estimated the theft took place between 6 p.m. Oct. 16 and 7 that Monday morning.

It is believed the thieves gained entry by using a large piece of concrete that may have been used as a doorstop from another business.

Jaynes does not yet know the total value of the stolen property, but described what was taken. “A lot of rings, most of our inventory and other locally made jewelry. As well as a few unique stones and of course cash.” She also found a Rutilated Quartz Sphere that had been thrown about 5 feet away from its location but was undamaged.

“It was the first thing we saw, and it felt like it had positioned itself as a protector for the store and the other stones. It is now sitting in a proud location behind the register with us, but clearly witnessed everything that had happened,” Jaynes said

The front door was quickly replaced, but Jaynes said that this kind of crime has happened before. “There were two break-ins this spring, also targeting shops with jewelry. It’s important that the news gets out so everyone can be aware and informed. So far, the community has been very kind and supportive.”

Bainbridge police are investigating.