The Cavs are playing in a travelling band

KINGSTON — A successful year is drawing to a close for the Kingston Junior High Band.

KINGSTON — A successful year is drawing to a close for the Kingston Junior High Band.

But there’s still time to catch their music before the year closes for good.

The band had an unprecedented number of parades (five) this year, and brought home second-place finishes from Bremerton’s Armed Forces Parade, Poulsbo’s Viking Cup Parade and the Junior Rose Parade in Portland.

They also went to Disneyland, where they performed while marching down Main Street USA.

“The band has been successful in the past and they wanted to keep their title,” said student Sara Hall, who plays alto saxophone and is an assistant drum major.

Hall and the other musicians will perform at 7 p.m. June 9 at the North Kitsap auditorium.

While the performance will include everything from patriotic ditties to swinging pop tunes, the centerpiece will be a piece called “Gettysburg: The Third Day,” which will incorporate colored lights and special effects as the third and decisive day of the Battle of Gettysburg is recreated in song.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun and we’re going to honor our ninth graders who are going to go to the high school,” said band director Jeff Haag.

Haag is proud of the band’s busy year.

“They stepped up to the plate, swung for the fences and scored four runs,” he said.

The band performed during a Viking Fest Parade marred by rain (“Except for the rain, it was fun,” said drum major Jayson Stemmler); went back to the Junior Rose Parade in Portland as defending champions; and will play at Kingston’s Fourth of July parade.

But for the students, the highlight was Disneyland, which they visited from May 9-12.

One hundred and fifty-eight students — including band and drill team members — made the trip, along with about 40 adult chaperones.

They got to ride the famous park’s rides, but what also sticks in the students’ minds is the musical experience.

The band members were invited into a studio, where they recorded two pieces of Disney music then saw them played over as a score over scenes of two movies — “The Emperor’s New Groove” and “Atlantis.”

Drum major Miquela Pendleton was surprised by the intensity of the studio experience.

“You have to focus and be really dedicated,” Pendleton said.

Later, the students got to perform in the Main Street, USA parade.

“It was fun, but kind of nerve-wracking,” Stemmler said. “There were a lot of people there, lining the streets.”

The band was complimented on more than its musical prowess: one woman — not associated with the group — was so impressed by the band’s conduct in the airport that she e-mailed the district to extend her compliments.

Monday’s performance will be preceded by another performance, this one by students of Gordon and Suquamish Elementary. That performance will begin at 6:10 p.m.