Teen girls injured after being hit by SUV

Driver was allegedly under the influence of heroin

BREMERTON — Two girls were injured after they were struck by a SUV while walking home May 23.

The girls, ages 13 and 14, had just exited a school bus near the intersection of Nollwood Lane and Werner Road in Bremerton around 3:20 p.m. and were struck by the SUV as they crossed Nollwood Lane.

The driver of the vehicle, Randy Allen Payne, 41, of Bremerton, did not stop to check on the pedestrians after hitting them but instead drove to his house a short distance away and parked the vehicle.

The girls were transported to Harrison Medical Center for treatment. One of the girls had injuries that were severe enough that she may become paralyzed and was transferred to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. The other girl had scrapes and a head laceration.

Officers found Payne sitting on the front porch with a blanket wrapped around him. According to court documents, Payne was shivering and rocking back and forth and said, “I didn’t mean to do that. I can’t stop seeing that. I don’t want to be in trouble.”

Payne had lethargic movements and constricted pupils. Payne told officers he had been taking Oxycodone for pain management but said he had stopped using the medication. When asked if he had used heroin, Payne “looked at the ground and shrugged” and said he used heroin the day before.

Payne said at the time of the crash he saw children coming off the bus and was looking for his son and noticed he had hit something. He said he kept driving because he did not know he hit anyone and did not see anyone in the roadway.

Payne told the officer he needed rehabilitation because he did not want to be addicted to heroin any more.

Payne fell asleep while being transported to Kitap County Jail. He was booked on charges of suspicion of DUI, vehicular assault, hit-and-run with injury and driving while license suspended or revoked. Samples of Payne’s blood were taken. Bail was set at $250,000.