Suspects identified in March kidnapping and robbery

One suspect told KCSO that the attempted kidnapping and robbery was an act of revenge

Two suspects, Shawn Obrien and Kaylee Duzenski, were recently arrested following a kidnapping and robbery in Silverdale, back in March.

According to a statement of probable cause the victim contacted one of her friends and offered to pay gas money and share drugs in exchange for a ride to a store.

Court documents state that instead of driving to the store, the suspects began slowly driving around a parking lot, near the victim’s apartment. Another suspect then ran up to the car, got in the backseat and allegedly began yelling at the victim for telling people he’d assaulted her several weeks prior.

The victim tried to exit the vehicle, but one of the suspects allegedly stopped her from doing so. The victim told officers that she started screaming for help and then one of the suspects, later identified as Shawn Obrien, pulled a silver handgun from his waistband and pointed it at her face stating “I will shoot you. I will kill you.”

Obrien then allegedly drove the victim to her apartment complex and all three of the suspects followed her into the lobby area. Noticing other residents in the lobby, the victim started crying, in hopes that someone would notice and call 911, documents read. While the victim was in the lobby with two of the suspects, Duzenski allegedly went up to her apartment but no one answered the door, so all three suspects left, per KCSO.

One of the suspects in the robbery, Kaylee Duzenski, was a friend of the victim and admitted to authorities after her arrest that she and another suspect decided they were going to rob the victim and take her money and drugs.

Duzenski later insinuated that the robbery was revenge for something the victim had set up in the past where Duzenski was kidnapped and raped, KCSO states.

“She had me kidnapped and she sold me for $300 and I was raped,” Duzenski told a KSCO detective. “I was totally cool with her being robbed and she wasn’t even robbed. She was taken for what she had which was no money and no drugs.”

Duzenski was asked by a detective if she felt like what happened was a robbery, to which she smiled and nodded her head yes, court documents read. She also was described in the incident report as being nonchalant and showed no remorse for what happened.