South Kitsap man charged with killing his brother

Christopher Evan Matthews, 32, reportedly killed his brother Christmas weekend

PORT ORCHARD — A South Kitsap man was charged in Kitsap County Superior Court on Monday with murdering his brother after a night reportedly spent drinking at his home on Tiburon Court the day after Christmas.

Christopher Evan Matthews, 32, was charged with second-degree murder for killing his 36-year-old brother, identified as William Matthews, of Port Orchard.

The accused man called 911 early Saturday afternoon after he found his brother dead on the kitchen floor with multiple bullet wounds and blunt force injuries to his head. Investigators who arrived at the scene reported blood splattered on the kitchen walls, and spent shell casings and bullet fragments reportedly fired by a .38-caliber handgun underneath the dead man’s head.

Matthews told detectives he had been drinking heavily with his brother and girlfriend on Christmas Day at the home. Sheriff’s Office reports indicated from an interview with the charged suspect that a fight had taken place later that day. Matthews said he had either dreamed about or had a “vision” of his dead brother on the floor of the kitchen, but after waking up, discovered the man’s body.

The suspect also said he had blacked out and couldn’t remember details leading up to the fight and subsequent death. An autopsy by the Kitsap County coroner’s office on Tuesday confirmed William Matthews’ death to be caused by “complex homicidal violence.”