SK students heading to PSNS careers

Graduates were hired for their math and science aptitude.

SOUTH KITSAP — Four South Kitsap High School students who excelled in their math and science studies applied for entry-level positions at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard this spring.

And to their delight, they were interviewed and hired to work in PSNS’s radiological monitoring division.

Lily Moon, James Marasco, Devin Gentz and Marcello Parrott are the high-achieving math and science students who will start working following graduation.

“We are absolutely thrilled for these students,” said Dave Reichel, a career counselor at the high school’s Career Center.

“This is a high-level career pathway and a tremendous opportunity provided by Puget Sound Naval Shipyard,” Reichel said.

The Career Center and South Kitsap High’s counseling staff assists students with setting goals, examining career opportunities, funding scholarships and future planning, Reichel said.