Sisters to get long hair clipped in the name of charity

POULSBO — Two local sisters are looking for a few good women, or men, with hair to spare.

POULSBO — Two local sisters are looking for a few good women, or men, with hair to spare.

Poulsbo Elementary students Lindsay and Sydney Holcolm, 9 and 7, respectively, are donating their hair to the Locks of Love charity on Nov. 15. The organization collects human hair to make free wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy, or who have a medical condition that makes them lose their hair. Joining them will be four other local youth but they’d like more people to get involved as well.

“We have six right now but we’d like to have more like 10 or 12. We’d like to make this an event” commented Wanda Hulse, who owns Kenneth L. Hair Salon with husband Ken. The salon is hosting the event.

The idea for the donation actually came up a couple of years ago. The two young sisters had seen a little girl on television and a lunch lady at their Oregon elementary school have their hair cut for the charity. Older sister Lindsay, who’s had long hair the majority of her young life, decided that she wanted to do something similar.

“I kept bugging my mom over and over again,” the youngster recalled.

“She’s wanted to donate her hair for years but she’d always had long hair and it stressed me out thinking about cutting it,” added mom LaRee.

Once the family settled on making the donation, they approached Kenneth L. about the possibility of donating the hair cuts. LaRee said the salon did that and more without a moment’s hesitation. The Hulses are donating hair cuts and styles, mini makeovers and mini manicures for everyone who chooses to donate their hair that day.

“We just figured it’s going to be kind of traumatic for these young girls to have 10 inches of their hair cut off,” said Wanda. “So, when we’re done they’ll be sparkling new girls and they’ll feel good about what they’ve done.”

The Hulses are looking for someone who might be willing to donate a pizza party for the Nov. 15 event, otherwise they also plan to furnish that for the donors. And while the event was sparked by two young girls, it’s for anyone who may have 10 or more inches of hair they’d be willing to donate in exchange for a free hair cut and style. Wanda said folks need only to call and make an appointment for sometime between 5-7 p.m. Nov. 15 to be part of the event. Hair should be clean and free of chemicals or damage. Though Ken isn’t a big fan of cutting that much hair off all at once since it can be upsetting for those getting their hair cut, Wanda said they’re proud to be part of the donation.

“Ken has been wanting to do something along these lines for a long time and we thought this was a great opportunity to give them the help we’ve wanted to,” she commented.

Lindsay, who is actually having about 15 or 16 inches of her waist-long hair cut, said she’s not sure what it’s going to be like to have short hair.

Nonetheless, she said she’s not afraid because she’s excited to have her hair be part of a wig for another youngster.

“I think they’re going to be warm and happy and they’ll feel good,” Lindsay said of what she believes the child who receives her hair will think.

The Lindsay and Friends Loving Gift event will take place from 5-7 p.m. Nov. 15 at Kenneth L. Salon and Spa in Poulsbo Village. For more information, or to make a reservation, call (360) 779-3993.