Saint’s Car Club to host large single-day show

One of the best car show in Kitsap County returns to downtown Port Orchard Aug. 14.

The Saint’s Car Club, rated the best such club by the Car Club Association of Washington, will host around 600 cars in their Cruz show. The club was rated the best because of its community involvement and car show that takes over the whole city.

“We get cars that come from all different counties, Canada and California once in a while,” club member Roger Jensen said. “We have cars all the way from the waterfront to City Hall, and we close down the state highway.”

The show has become very popular because of its history, community involvement, and its one of the few shows that allow all car enthusiasts to see some of the most beautiful rides in the Pacific Northwest. The show began in 1987 with two goals. First, the show allows people across the Northwest to show off any car they would like for a $20 registration fee.

One of the nearly 60 members, Bill Moore, discussed some of the cars.

“I have a 1952 Willy Jeep and 1962 Ford F-100 Unibody,” Moore said. “Whatever you have you bring it. We get everything from Mercedes to Ford pickups.”

Jensen added the fire department and EMTs are involved in the show, too.

“They have a display out front. This year, we will have an armored SWAT vehicle down at the show, too,” Jensen said.

Second, the Saint’s Car Club looks to make the show a community event. In previous years, around 12,000 people have attended the one-day show. Besides observing and judging cars, attendees have the opportunity to enjoy other festivities.

“We work with Fathoms O’ Fun, and they do a lot of street fairs, ” Moore said. “We brought them to our street fair. That brings different people from Oregon and Idaho to our show.”

In addition, proceeds go to multiple organizations. Some go to the Saints High School Automotive Scholarship Fund. The scholarship was created by the club and presented at South Kitsap High School each year so students can further their education in the industry. Plus, the club gives to other parts of the community.

“We are a charitable nonprofit,” Jensen said. “We give everything back to the community, Backpacks for Kids, South Kitsap Helpline and youth organizations.”

In the previous few years, the organization has given around $60,000 back to the Port Orchard community.

The show will be handing out 60 trophies, including best interior, chrome design, workmanship and best models and makes. Saint’s Car Club members want everyone to enjoy the experience.

“We just want to put on a good show and have a family event,” Jensen said. “It’s a family function and overlooks the shipyard and honors the military.”

The Saint’s Car Club honors the military by giving some proceeds to the Salmon for Soldiers. In addition, the club honors the military because “Freedom is not free.”

1949 Mercury.
1951 Mercury. Courtesy Photos
1960 Chevy Impala.