Rotary duck, ‘Waddles,’ found in Allyn by Bremerton Police

The 15-foot inflatable duck had been stolen for over a week and was returned to Advantage Nissan

“Waddles,” the 15-foot inflatable duck used to publicize the annual Silverdale Rotary Duck Race, was found Tuesday by the Bremerton Police Department after a tip was provided about its whereabouts in Allyn. The duck had been stolen for just over a week.

Officers from the Directed Enforcement Team responded to the scene and located two suspects who confessed to the theft. A deflated “Waddles” was found and returned to Advantage Nissan in Bremerton.

“We are so grateful to have Waddles back home and unharmed,” Silverdale Rotary Club President Christie Scheffer stated in a press release. “He is a huge part of raising funds that go directly to many service organizations in our community.”

“We can’t thank the Bremerton Police Department enough for everything they’ve done. Also, a big thank you to everyone in the community who helped spread the word.”

According to the release, authorities believe a minor stole the duck to impress his girlfriend. Rotarian Erin Leedham from the Kitsap Mall said the Silverdale Rotary Club will not press charges.

“We’re just grateful Waddles is safe,” he said. “After a little TLC, Waddles will be back to work later today.”