Queen of Sheba towed to Bremerton

The 105-foot wooden boat, The Queen of Sheba, has been towed from Poulsbo to the Port of Bremerton until its owners can meet certain conditions set by the Department of Natural Resources.

POULSBO — The Queen of Sheba, a 105-foot wooden boat, was towed from the Port of Poulsbo’s marina to a Bremerton marina.

The Department of Natural Resources took custody of the boat after it was repeatedly beached on the shores of Liberty Bay due to high winds in December.

Natural Resources moored the boat at the Port of Poulsbo. The port gave permission for the Queen of Sheba to stay at its marina through Dec. 29.

The Queen of Sheba was towed to the Port of Bremerton Dec. 29. It arrived in Bremerton shortly before 5 p.m.

The Department of Natural Resources took custody of the boat on Dec. 12, after it spent two days being blown north and south in heavy winds in Liberty Bay. It came to rest on the muddy bottom at the north end of Liberty Bay for one day, and then was found laying on its port side on the shore of Lemolo the next.

Natural Resources has custody of the Queen of Sheba until its owners meet certain conditions.

“The owners have until Jan. 12 to address our concerns with the boat, and have apparently told us they are working to do so,” said Joe Smillie with the Department of Natural Resources.

The boat must be seaworthy, Smillie said.

“And, especially, that it have an anchor sturdy enough to keep a boat that size in place,” he said.

The owners will also be

responsible for the costs various agencies have incurred as a result of the beaching incidents.

“The owner will be responsible for all costs,” Smillie said. “The work to recover it from the beach at Lemolo, the tow to Bremerton and moorage.”

“We are working with the owner on a payment plan, though we do not have a total of the costs yet,” he said.