Prior convict arrested after alleged involvement in Bremerton shooting

The assailant in a June 30 shooting in Bremerton is facing a lengthy sentence if found guilty of first-degree assault, the latest charge on a lengthy rap sheet spread across two decades.

The 37-year-old Bremerton man was arraigned in Kitsap County Superior Court July 1 on the assault charge as well as first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Bail was set at $150,000.

Bremerton police responded to a reported drive-by shooting in the 1900 block of Snyder Avenue by 19th Street. Discovered on scene was the shooting victim, who sustained a gunshot wound to the arm and chest. Multiple witnesses “presumably saw nothing.”

The victim was transported to St. Michael Medical Center in Silverdale.

Video footage obtained from nearby houses and interviews with the victim led to the identification of the suspect. Probable cause documents state that an argument and physical altercation began between the two after the group had begun discussing the death of a friend. The officer wrote, “For an undisclosed reason, (the victim) was being blamed for being a part of the reason that friend died. Whatever had been discussed or said, a physical altercation erupted.”

Video shows the two men exchanging several blows. The victim grabbed the suspect by the legs and forced him to the ground with his head striking the front bumper of a vehicle. Someone else separated them, but then the suspect went to a vehicle and came back chambering a round in a pistol.

“Standing in front of (the victim), (the suspect) swung his arm with (the) pistol across at (the victim),” the officer wrote. “The pistol was aimed at (the victim) because at around the same time the pistol struck his arm, a shot was fired.”

Police say the injuries sustained by the victim were consistent with the footage, and a 9mm unspent round was recovered at the scene. The vehicle that was used by the suspect to flee the scene was found in the 1100 block of 8th Street.

The suspect would not come out of the house. A SWAT team was brought in and used flashbang. The suspect came out and was taken into custody. He was taken to St. Michael due to injuries sustained during the fight with the victim.

The suspect’s criminal record in Kitsap County has grown since he first accumulated juvenile cases in 2002. He has previously been convicted as an adult on charges of unlawful firearm possession and robbery, probable cause documents say.