Prepare for flooding during King Tide season

At this time of the year, the combination of abnormally high tides, heavy rain, and the gravitational pull between the earth and the moon can cause a phenomenon known as King Tides.

The first episode is set for Nov. 28-Dec. 2.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts possible higher King Tide levels on certain days between November and February in Kitsap County. The Department of Emergency Management urges residents to prepare for potential flooding.

“The most important thing shoreline property owners can do is stay informed by learning about flood prevention and how to respond to flooding,” said Jan Glarum, Emergency Management director.

Residents can find preparation tips at Information and resources for what to do during flooding and what to do after can also be found.

“Residents are urged to check into flood insurance coverage, gather emergency supplies and sign-up for emergency information alerts. You can never be too prepared,” Glarum said.

The NOAA predicts possible King Tide flooding from Dec. 13-19; Dec. 26-30; Jan. 11-18, 2024; and Jan. 24.

Stay informed by signing up to receive inclement weather information and preparedness tips by email and text through the Kitsap County Electronic Notification System. Also subscribe to KitsapALERT for the Emergency Management Community Warning System.