Poulsbo man arrested after allegedly using infant as ‘shield’ from police

Alex Joseph Bullard, 25, was arrested Nov. 22 on charges of assault in the second degree and violation of a protection order.

According to court documents, Poulsbo Police Officer David Gesell responded to a 911 call from co-workers of the victim who had not shown up for work that day. At around 12:40 p.m. the co-workers received an “SOS” text from the victim. When the co-workers called the victim, Bullard answered the phone and claimed the victim was ok, but would not permit her to speak with her co-workers.

The co-workers informed Gesell that the victim had a protection order against Bullard.

Upon arriving at Bullard’s residence, Gesell realized he had been the officer who had originally issued the protection order to Bullard, documents read.

Gesell was able to speak to the victim, who was at Bullard’s residence. According to an incident report taken by Gesell, the victim looked very scared and was not speaking. Gesell escorted her to his patrol vehicle where she could talk freely, the victim stated that she and Bullard had argued and during the argument, Bullard had pulled her hair and choked her. The victim said she was uncertain if she had passed out.

At some point during the argument, Bullard had also taken the victim’s phone and keys and would not allow her to leave, documents say. The victim was able to locate her phone the next day which was how she was able to send the “SOS” text to her co-workers. According to the victim, Bullard eventually said he would let her go, but that she could not leave with her infant son. The victim told Gesell she would not leave without her son.

Officer Gesell, along with two other officers re-entered the home to arrest Bullard. In reports, Gesell stated that Bullard was holding the child and described him as using the infant as a “shield” to avoid arrest.

Officer Casey Wunsch was able to safely get ahold of the child while Gesell held on to Bullard. Bullard eventually allowed his father, who was present at the residence, to hold the child and then began to struggle against the arresting officers.

Eventually, Bullard was booked on two counts of violating a protection order and one count of assault in the second degree. Additional charges may be filed as a result of Officer Gesell’s reports. In the meantime, Bullard’s bail was set at $250,000.