Poulsbo employee suffers fractures when hit by car

Driver charged with vehicular assault; bail $250K

Kitsap County Court documents have been released regarding Wednesday’s accident that injured Poulsbo Public Works employee Cole Troyer.

The documents state that the driver of the vehicle, Nicholas Furniss, had fallen asleep at the wheel and drove into the ditch where Troyer was cutting brush.

Troyer, 18, sustained a compound fracture to his leg, a broken arm and head injuries. Troyer was life-flighted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle where he is still being treated.

Upon his arrest, Furniss was subjected to a sobriety test; the Poulsbo police officer noticed that his eyes were droopy and he struggled for balance. Court documents say Furniss admitted to using marijuana three days prior and that traces could be found in his car.

When Furniss was placed under arrest for Vehicular Assault and Driving Under the Influence he allegedly denied using other drugs, but during a search admitted officers would find a bag of methamphetamine in his right pocket.

The officer was granted a warrant to have Furniss’s blood taken to check for meth use, as well as to have him medically evaluated. Furniss agreed to a Drug Influence Evaluation, which determined he had recently used meth, documents say.

Furniss told the officer he had been smoking 0.1-0.2 grams of meth to cope with depression from the death of his grandfather this month. Furniss felt remorse for his actions and pledged to get clean, documents say.

Furniss, 38, is facing a $250,000 bail.

The incident occurred at about 8:15 a.m. when a vehicle, described as a black coupe, rounded the corner westbound on an intersection at Highway 305 and Sol Vei Street, backing up east- and westbound traffic.