Poulsbo Cinema 10 unlikely to close

"Joe Irwin/Staff Photo Despite a local trend of theater closures, Poulsbo Cinema 10 on Viking Avenue will remain open in the immediate future, according to the Regal Cinema corporate headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn. "

“POULSBO – Concerns that Poulsbo Cinema 10 might be the next area movie theater to close are unfounded, according to the Regal Cinemas corporate headquarters of Knoxville, Tenn. The unexpected shutdown of the family-owned Charleston Theater in Bremerton and Regal’s Redwood Theater in East Bremerton had many in Little Norway wondering if Poulsbo Cinema 10 could be next to close. Dick Westerling, senior vice president of marketing and advertising for Regal Cinemas, confirmed this week that the largest theater chain in the world wouldn’t be getting any smaller as far as Poulsbo was concerned. He did, however, explain that the corporation was taking a closer look at its theaters – something which resulted in the recent closure in Central Kitsap. We are reviewing all of our theaters on a case-by-case, market-by-market basis. If we identify that a theater is under-performing we will look at alternatives, he added. Theater Manager Don Christmer told the Herald Tuesday that he was not permitted to comment on the matter. It’s currently open and there are no plans in the immediate future to close it, Westerling said in a telephone interview earlier this week. The majority of the theaters that are closing are the older theaters. (Poulsbo Cinema 10) is one of our newer locations. The 43,900-square-foot structure on Viking Avenue has been open for almost two years and has offered North Kitsap residents a 2,000-seat facility and 10 movie screens. The theater offers first-run movies and regularly attracts large audiences. In March 1999, the then-new complex faced the unwelcome prospect of not opening on time. Several items, including an inspection from the Poulsbo Fire Department, almost delayed the permitting process past the grand opening date, but the city and the cinema were able to work things out. “