Police report: Shoplifters begin early holiday shopping

A sprung inmate refuses to leave jail’s comfy confines.

PORT ORCHARD — The following summaries are derived from reports filed during the last week by officers with the Port Orchard Police Department. The summaries are not intended to be a complete recounting of incidents filed by police.

Sept. 17

At 3:50 p.m., an officer responded to a report of multiple juveniles fighting in the vicinity of a waterfront restaurant on Harrison Avenue. Witnesses reported that 15 to 20 juveniles — male and female — were looking on while between three and six juveniles were engaged in a fistfight. Multiple police units responded, but the group dispersed prior to their arrival and headed to a nearby coffee shop on Bay Street. A witness said some of the suspects left in a gray SUV, but it was unclear who was actually involved in the fight.

Some of the juveniles at the coffee shop told police they believed those involved left in a black passenger car heading westbound along the parkway. The coffee shop director said he hadn’t seen the fight but observed many of the juveniles fleeing the area together before law enforcement units arrived. He told police that the shop’s policy states that subjects are not allowed to return inside once they have left “for an open session.” No additional reports of violence or updates about the incident have since been reported.

Sept. 15

At 9:01 p.m., an officer responded to a call about a shoplifting occurring at a department store at the 1900 block of Sedgwick Road. The store’s loss prevention officer reported that a female shoplifter was in custody after attempting to steal a black jacket. The police officer asked the woman, who was cooperative, if she had any outstanding warrants for her arrest. She responded that it was possible a warrant had been issued for her in King County. After confirming she had a warrant out for second-degree theft, the woman was placed into custody, advised of her Miranda rights, and handcuffed. She was placed under arrest for the theft of the jacket. The officer then conducted a search and found a bra and panties inside a purse, also apparently stolen from the store. The female suspect was taken to Kitsap County Jail and booked on an outstanding warrant and also handed a new third-degree theft charge. Bail was set at $10,075.

Sept. 14

An officer was dispatched to a department store at the 3400 block of Bethel Road SE regarding an alleged theft of prepaid cash cards. The store’s loss prevention officer reported one of the store employees had allegedly been observed four times via video surveillance loading Visa prepaid cards with varying amounts of money. The female employee was not seen actually paying for the cards. The transactions were carried out during her working shifts. Loss prevention officers were made aware of the thefts due to cash shortages reported by management. Upon an internal investigation, it was learned that the four transactions made over three days totaled $1,015 — none of them paid for by the employee.

The employee was brought into the manager’s office and read her Miranda rights. When asked why she had taken the cards without paying for them, the woman said money was tight at home due to bills piling up, but “she didn’t know what she was thinking” while committing the acts. The woman told the officer she didn’t think the department store company that was so big would notice a small amount of money missing. The woman didn’t state if she still had any of the stolen money remaining. Placed in handcuffs, the employee was transported to Kitsap County Jail and booked for second-degree theft. Bail was set at $10,000.

Sept. 13

An officer responded to a call from Kitsap County Jail on a report of a trespassed inmate released from jail that morning — who refused to leave. The jail sergeant said the man was offered food, and crisis team and mental health professionals were contacted, but he still wouldn’t leave his jail cell. When the officer contacted him in his cell, he was curled up on his cot and covered by a blanket. Told he needed to leave or be arrested for criminal trespass, the man again refused to leave. Because he was trespassed from jail and refused to budge, the man was arrested and rebooked into jail. Bail was set at $5,000.

Sept. 12

An officer responded to a report of a white male pounding on the windows of a Bay Street convenience store. The caller advised she saw the man banging on the store windows while yelling at the clerk inside, proclaiming he would kill him. The clerk told the officer that the suspect had been in the store and attempted to come around to the other side of the counter. When the clerk told the man he could not get behind the counter, he became angry.

While warming up his slice of pizza in the store microwave, the man began swearing obscenities at the clerk, stating “F—k you, you m—r f—er,” telling the foreign-born employee to “get out of my country.” He then told the clerk he was going to get his gun and come back and shoot him. The suspect then left the store but came back a few minutes later. When the clerk told him to leave, the suspect then went outside, where he started hitting the store windows and yelling vulgarities and threats at the clerk.

The suspect, who is a regular nuisance in the downtown area, was easily located by police wandering at the 200 block of Bethel. Officers handcuffed him and placed the man under arrest for felony harassment. The suspect then went into a tirade about how he loved the clerk and works for him in the store, but then ranted about how the clerk had stolen his phone. He then redirected his attention toward the officer, saying that he, a police sergeant and the chief of police had stolen his debit car and bicycle. The arrested suspect said he was going to take the matter “to the top and have all of our badges.” The man was transported to Kitsap County Jail, where he became a continued problem there for the corrections staff.