Police: Bremerton man arrested after frozen weed heist

A 33-year-old faces burglary charges after an incident on Jan. 31.

BREMERTON – A 33-year-old is facing burglary charges after police say he entered a garage on Lower Marine Drive and made off with some marijuana stored in a freezer.

Marvin R. Allen, of Bremerton, was arrested Saturday and booked into Kitsap County jail on a $50,000 bond.

Police say they were dispatched around 6:40 p.m. on Jan. 31, to a Bremerton home after a distressed resident said somebody was in her garage, according to a certificate of probable cause filed in Kitsap County on Monday.

Officers arrived and noticed an opened freezer door with a “chain draped around the base,” a “strong odor of marijuana” inside the garage, and a broken scooter outside the garage door, a Bremerton PD officer wrote.

“It appeared marijuana had been stolen from the freezer,” he wrote.

Police reviewed video surveillance footage taken from inside the structure, according to the filing. The video reportedly showed a man with a stocky build, wearing a jacket with a “distinct” patterned hood, “cutting open the freezer,” according to police. An officer said he recognized whom he thought was Mr. Allen, a man known to police.

Two days later, a Bremerton PD detective saw a man who matched the suspect’s appearance near First Street and Marion Avenue. The officer said he recognized the man as Marvin Allen.

Allen was detained around 12:50 p.m. on Feb. 2. According to police, at the time of his arrest he was “carrying a bag of still thawing (soaking wet and cold) marijuana in a gallon freezer bag, inside some plastic grocery bags.”

The arresting officer wrote that Allen admitted to burglarizing the garage and giving away “about one to two ounces” of marijuana to multiple people, according to the filing. He reportedly told the officer that he tried to use a scooter as a ‘getaway’ vehicle, but it broke.

Allen faces one count of burglary in the second degree, a felony. A trial date was tentatively set for April 1.