Poulsbo eyes uncertain growth planning future

City advisory commission asks for helm on local sub-area plan.

Letters 01/13/01

Dear Editor...

Never too young to learn about history

While you're never too old to learn something new the reverse can also be true. This Saturday children ages 4-6 and their parents can learn about the history of the Suquamish tribe as part of the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum's Kinder History program.

Local film pokes Bremerton fun

"Courtesy Photos I'll Be Here 'Til I Leave stars Dominic Dofelmier and Maria Knox as a filmmaker and his girlfriend, who both want to flee Bremerton. "

Booking a huge crowd

"Joe Irwin/Staff Photos Mayor Donna Jean Brucecuts the ceremonial ribbon in front of the newly renovated building in Poulsbo while librarian Susan Lavin lends a hand to make sure all goes according to plan. (Next page) Kids enjoy good food, company and balloons before plunging into all the Valborg Oyen Library has to offer. This small group was joined by many others Sunday who absorbed not only the knowledge of the books on hand but their new surroundings as well. "

Parking and bathrooms? Both still in short supply

POULSBO - The historic district may have anything and everything when it comes to meeting locals' and tourists' shopping needs but for several years now it has come up markedly short in two crucial categories.

CALENDAR 1/10/01

"Events, meetings and activities in and around North Kitsap. "

Tribal Treasurer talks about recall vote

"SUQUAMISH - Amidst allegations that she has lost her ability to lead the Suquamish Tribe as treasurer, Georgia George Rye plans to keep a positive outlook on the recall meeting set for one week from now. I plan to keep my chin up because I know I have not done anything wrong, she said. "

Slow ride – take it easy along Front St. Street

"Joe Irwin/Staff Photo The face of Front Street will be changing dramatically in 2002 as crews work to make much-needed improvements to drainage, curbs and sidewalks there. The lengthy process begins next week when surveyors will visit the highly-traveled road. "


"Events, meetings and activities in and around North Kitsap. "

NKHS students rewarded for staying off drugs.

"Trevor Pyle/ Staff Photo Poulsbo Police's Nick Hoke has started NKCOPS, a program designed to help kids stay drug-free. The photos of drug-free kids are displayed proudly in the school. "

Historic homes may be a hassle

"Joe Irwin/Staff Photo The modern face of Poulsbo might be getting a blast from the past if the city council agrees to increase its protection of historic homes. While the plan looks good on paper, the majority of council feels the program could prove extremely difficult to create and even harder to implement. "

Movietime 01/06/01

Showtimes for Kistap County theatres

Poulsbo Cinema 10 unlikely to close

"Joe Irwin/Staff Photo Despite a local trend of theater closures, Poulsbo Cinema 10 on Viking Avenue will remain open in the immediate future, according to the Regal Cinema corporate headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn. "

Opening a brand new chapter at the library

Joe Irwin/Staff Photos Colorful books and background adorn the new children's wing at the library - a spot which is sure to appeal to the kid in everyone living in North Kitsap.



Movietime 01/03/01

Movietimes for Kistap County theatres

Olalla family rock band sings praises for the Lord.

"Jim Bryant/ Staff Photo The musical Proctors are, from left, Penny, Jesse, Hannah, Mike and Rebekah. "

Movietimes 12/30/00

Showtime for Kitsap County.

Gamblewood Fire

"Courtesy Photo A family of five lost their home and possessions in a trailer fire in Gamblewood yesterday morning. North Kitsap Fire & Rescue firefighters had difficulty reaching the trailer because the driveway was blocked by a plywood fence, a travel trailer and several cars. A cat and bird were killed in the blaze. "