Editorial – You know… for the kids

Parents hoping to broaden their children’s horizons of fun should stick around the North end this weekend for community events in Poulsbo and Port Gamble. Little Norway hosts two kid-oriented gatherings this weekend with Septemberfest getting underway at the Poulsbo Waterfront (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and Fall Fest taking place at Valley Nursery on Sunday. Both promise plenty of good times, music, food and great memories for families and will feature everything from games and demonstrations to some of the biggest pumpkins, sunflowers and corn stalks in North Kitsap. Also kicking off Friday in Port Gamble is the annual celebration of S’Klallam Days. The competitive-minded event is just plain fun and will feature everything from pageants to fishing derbies before the three-day festival is finished. Planning on heading to Seattle this weekend? Save yourself the outrageous ferry fare and rediscover the good things going on in your own backyard. Fall is in the air here and plenty of fun times certainly lay ahead. But why not let the good times roll without rolling out of North Kitsap?

Cross-country team ready for spirited year

POULSBO — More smiles. More wins. Coaches and members of the North Kitsap cross-country team hope the first factor will lead to the second.

Vikings hope to restore purple pride

POULSBO — One day last week, North Kitsap head football coach Jerry Parrish arrived at school to find something surprising: a pair of sophomore quarterbacks, eight hours early for practice.

Viking spikers go the distance in loss

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND — After producing a textbook-crisp first game against Bainbridge Island Tuesday night, the North Kitsap volleyball team may have wanted to erase the fifth.

NKHS principal Andersen will resign

POULSBO — When David Andersen hands a diploma to his graduating daughter during graduation this year, it will be one of his final acts as North Kitsap High School principal.

Paintings in remembrance

KINGSTON — While he refers to his farmer’s market stand as a “business,” T.J. Bandrowski’s profits aren’t for, well, profit.

Family finds hope within heartache

POULSBO — Betty Bennett sifts through a thick stack of family photos. She knows them all by heart. They are uncles, grandfathers, mothers, sisters, daughters and sons, and she tells her family lineage flawlessly as if she’s told it a thousand times before.

Editorial – Stand up and be counted

Now’s your chance North Kitsap. Your opportunity to put up or shut up as far as your state and local governments are concerned.

Golden shovels and optimism for OC

POULSBO — President David Mitchell said he’d worried for weeks that it would rain Thursday, but the sun shone brightly over the much awaited Olympic College groundbreaking.

Classmates say 9-11 drew them together

Clarice Bushee It seemed that morning that everyone knew someone in New York. A distant relative. A friend’s friend.

Remembering those who did their job

This morning, the staff and crews of Poulsbo Fire Department and North Kitsap Fire and Rescue are holding remembrance ceremonies regarding the terrorism that happened on Sept. 11, 2001. They are low-key, subtle, to the point and while quiet, the actions make up for the lost words many have tried to find to describe last year’s tragedy on the East Coast.

A year later, city notes changes

POULSBO — A year ago Poulsbo woke up to the same terror as the rest of the nation seeing the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. And despite being almost a world away, some of the repercussions hit home as if they were just down the block.

Defense is the word as volleyball team readies

POULSBO — The signs have been everywhere. In the gym, where students will occasionally, and gleefully, fling themselves to the floor.

Schools plan to honor Sept.11 anniversary

POULSBO — Millions of words have been written and spoken about the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

I see London, I see France…

POULSBO — One group of local Girl Scouts is getting ready to bring a bit of Little Norway to the lands of croissants and crumpets.

Speedy Vikes hope to blaze playoff trail

POULSBO — A scar as straight as a ruler’s edge drops down the front of Chelsie O’Neill-Dewing’s right knee.

Kids’ reading programs are running low on cash flow

POULSBO — With federal funding for reading programs shrinking, the North Kitsap School District hopes to raise enough money to run programs of its own.

Editorial-Vote Alvarado and Appleton

If there was one race that really came down to the wire, this is it.

Editorial-Why we vote ‘Yes’ on EMS

Falling under the “it just makes sense” category in the upcoming elections is the Emergency Medical Services Levy.

No up, up and away for Super Lawyer

POULSBO — Besides his interest in the law, Jeff Tolman is interested in small town life.