One man’s junk another man’s joy

HANSVILLE — The Hansville Community Center will be a mad dash of thrifty shoppers and deal-finders this weekend.

HANSVILLE — The Hansville Community Center will be a mad dash of thrifty shoppers and deal-finders this weekend.

The biggest garage sale north of Kingston will be up and running this weekend, with enough items for sale to practically furnish an entire house.

The annual Hansville Rummage Sale officially kicks off at 9 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 9 at the Hansville Community Center at Buck Lake Park. The fund-raisning event will continue through Sunday.

Proceeds benefit the community center, which provides numerous programs for children and adults throughout the year.

The money also fulfills scholarships for continuing education, re-training and undergraduate needs.

Nearly 100 volunteers have been working the past two weeks to get sale items out of storage and organized at the community center and its annex at the county park.

And, as always seems to be the case in Hansville, residents have been helping out year round by offering their homes and storage spaces as holding areas for items, said sale volunteer Barbara Lund.

“It’s hard work because we were there last week and this week,” said Dagmar Brauer, first time co-chairperson. “It’s like having a full-time job.”

While there are no new departments this year, organizers are rearranging some of the sale spaces in order to make room for the expanded antiques and collectibles section this year, Brauer said.

“(The department is) anything that is a little bit out of the ordinary and a little bit worth more than the ordinary, like crystals and jewelry and antique pictures,” Brauer explained. “It’s a big section this year.”

Volunteer Bonnie Issacs noted there is a large number of bicycles and an abundance of quality furniture this year as well.

But mainly, everything else will be in the same location as last year, Brauer said.

While people are milling around the community center waiting for the rope to drop at 9 a.m., organizers will have a map on hand to show folks where all the different departments are situated.

“While people are waiting and standing in line, they can see the places they need to run to,” Brauer said with a chuckle. “It depends on where people are looking for — they will dash for that department.”

The sale brought in more than $20,000 last year and Brauer said while there is no goal for this year, organizers hope to bring in more.

By Sunday, the decision will be made if sale organizers will go half price on items. After the sale, depending on what is leftover, local charities will receive the remaining items.