Nude suspect in assault, taking of child shot by neighbor

A 28-year-old man is set to be booked into the Kitsap County jail on multiple charges after a “chaotic and hysterical” scene in which police say the nude man assaulted his sister-in-law, tried to flee with her child and even “attempted to eat” a Good Samaritan neighbor.

Deputies arrived around 7:35 p.m. March 16 on SW Lake Flora Road in South Kitsap. The sister-in-law told police the suspect was standing naked next to a fire in her backyard when he assaulted her, “snatching” her 3-year-old girl and attempting to flee into the woods nearby.

A scream for help from the sister-in-law was answered by a neighbor. Officials say the neighbor fired a warning shot to interrupt the assault. Giving chase after the suspect and the child, more shots were fired and hit the suspect in the arm and leg before he caught the suspect and pulled the child away.

The child managed to run away, but the suspect caught up and began assaulting the neighbor. Officials say the suspect was “biting on his leg and then on his stomach” before the neighbor hit the suspect with his gun and put him in a chokehold. The neighbor escaped and ran inside his home.

Police surrounded the wooded area, and the suspect was eventually taken into custody without incident.

He was last known to be undergoing treatments at a local trauma center but is expected to be booked into the jail in Port Orchard upon his medical release. Specific charges are not yet identified.