North Kitsap Friends of Library books opening bash

Special event slated for late October.

“POULSBO – Saying the North Kitsap Friends of the Library have been busy for the past several months might just be the biggest understatement since Egyptian ruler Khufu said he wanted a small grave to commemorate his existence. Much like the thousands who finally built the Great Pyramid, the friends have been working tirelessly to ensure that the new Kitsap Regional Library in Poulsbo will attract people from far and wide. Work on the renovated structure is on track and will be completed sometime next month, according to Librarian Susan Lavin. Construction is coming along fine. Everything is still on schedule. she said. She noted that available parking at the upscale library had once been a concern, but that patrons shouldn’t worry. Lavin estimated that there would be upward of 50 spaces at the site. We have a good amount of parking – I think people will be pleased, she said. Parking aside, the primary sticking point for the library has been fund-raising. When plans for the new building were approved by Poulsbo City Council last year, the friends were faced with two unknowns. The first was art acquisition. The second was how to complete the basement portion of the building. Setting the bar high, the 70-member group set out to raise approximately $60,000 to purchase decorative and interactive art works and another $150,000 to help complete the structure. A pleased Pat Keim-Strayer said Monday that the Millennium Art Fund had surpassed the $60,000 mark following a recent donation of $4,000. That puts us over the top, she remarked. The high rate of donations to the art fund will allow the friends to place the excess into the building completion fund, which after a very slow start, has topped $45,000. Treasurer Ed Hakanson said there was also a small amount of money in hand that not yet been dedicated toward either fund. Non-monetary donations, such as volunteer labor, has not yet been factored into the equation, he said. In recognition of their larger supporters, the Friends of the Library are planning a donor appreciation night with an open house the following day. Tentative dates for the back-to-back events will either be Oct. 21 and 22 or Oct. 28 and 29. Nancy Rogers of the Friends said the family-oriented open house would have everything from clowns and face-painting to puppet shows and giveaways. The grand opening will also featured honored guests from Kitsap County, local tribes and Poulsbo government. It sounds like it’s going to be a lovely party, Lavin remarked, adding as an afterthought on the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Does anyone have a three-foot-long pair of scissors? “