NKSD gives timeline for 2023-24 budget

Title IX report also released

The North Kitsap School District provided an update regarding the 2023-24 budget at its board meeting June 22.

Enrollment estimates are down 165 full-time equivalents from 2022-23 and down 20 FTE from the year’s actual enrollment, documents state. The reduction is projected to be about $1.8 million in state funding as districts statewide receive a certain amount for each student.

Impact Aid also decreased $900,000 due to enrollment. Additionally, all $2.7 million of ESSER funds have been spent so are no longer available for 2023-24.

NKSD has begun negotiations with all seven of its bargaining groups. The state-funded salary increase is 3.7% based on the implicit price deflator. Budget balancing methods include: combination of provisional non-renewals; retirements and resignations; reduction of maintenance, supplies and operating costs from department and building budgets; state reduction of retirement rates by using state funds; and reduction of NKSD fund balance.

Next steps in the budget process are to continue working with staff in June and July, provide ESD 114 with preliminary draft of F-195 and F-195F budget documents for review by July 10, and continued adjustments to both in late July and early August, documents read.

Budget meetings will take place in late July and early August with a hearing and adoption set for Aug. 24.

Also presented at the school board meeting were the Activities/Athletic Participation Review and Title IX report.

Findings from this year’s data include:

1. NKSD had a 5% difference in total participation between male and female students (56% and 44%) based on overall school gender data. That rate is disproportionate to the female student enrollment at the secondary level, currently at 49%. The 2021 data shows a 10% discrepancy, while 2022 data shows a 4% discrepancy.

2. An additional 174 female participants are needed to reach proportional equality district-wide.

3. Participation district-wide has returned to 2018-19 levels after the down years of COVID.

4. NKSD has not introduced any new programs this school year, but offerings for males and females to play sports remain equal. A decrease in female turnout for high school track, basketball, cross country and swimming was noticed in 2021 and continued for 2022.

5. Potential remedies include identifying potential new female sport opportunities and/or reducing offerings for male “C” team sports.