NK Schools Foundation funds $99,000 in grants

Throughout the academic year, all 11 schools within the school district have received grants from the North Kitsap Schools Foundation, totaling $99,024.

Donations were received from individuals, businesses, service organizations and tribes in NK.

“This philanthropic effort shows a community-wide commitment to enhancing educational opportunities and resources beyond what is traditionally offered,” a schools foundation news release states.

The grants have facilitated many experiences and resources for students and teachers, such as enabling educational field trips, providing essential equipment and support for music programs, supplying art materials and funding a Native American visiting artist to schools.

Additionally, the grants have been used to purchase physical education equipment, create an audio library accessible to all students, acquire STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) devices and materials, implement speech therapy software and procure specialized equipment to meet special education needs.

Go to www.nkschoolsfoundation.org/23-24-grant-awards to see the entire list.

Since its establishment in 2002, the foundation has awarded 387 grants totaling over $850,000, per the release.