New EV car share program starting up in BI

If you want to use a new car-share program on Bainbridge Island the introductory rate is $5 per hour or $40 per day.

ZEV co-op is a nonprofit consumer cooperative established to provide zero-emission car sharing and other transportation services in the Pacific Northwest. The car share program focuses on underserved communities. You can learn about the program, two electric vehicles the city will add to the fleet and the public EV charging stations at a ribbon-cutting event June 13 at 4:30 p.m. in the City Hall parking lot.

ZEV co-op will provide an EV sedan and SUV and anticipates being able to provide an EV transit van in the future. ZEV co-op will pay for the electricity costs for the carshare program and the public charging station. The city installed a new meter to monitor that electricity use. The city does not collect revenue from either charging station.

Users of the car share program can download an app (available on Apple and Google Play by June 13) to apply for and schedule use of a vehicle. Users must be verified and approved before they can schedule a vehicle. For details on the car share program, go to

The city worked with Mobility for All to install two charging stations with four ports. Two ports are for the car share program and two for the public.

Mobility for All, a BI nonprofit, secured $193,247 in funds in 2022 from the state Department of Transportation’s Zero-Emissions Access Program program. The funds were used to purchase two EVs for the carshare program and install the EV chargers. The city provided $40,000 to lay conduit and prepare the site.