New boat ramp goes in at Port of Poulsbo

The Port of Poulsbo has begun construction of a new boat launch into the marina over by the Sea Discovery Center.

The old boat ramp had deteriorated considerably, prompting the port to close it due to safety concerns and to pursue a state grant for its replacement.

Construction on the nearly $600,000 boat ramp began in mid-June; it’s expected to be completed in mid-August.

The project has caused some minor congestion in the parking lot between Sea Discovery Center and The Slippery Pig restaurant and bar and has also prompted questions about closer parking for boat trailers and alternative boat launches on Liberty Bay.

The port provides boat trailer parking in the lot on Jensen Way, but due to lack of additional land, a second boat launch is not likely.

“Our district is very ‘land poor’ and therefore limits us doing too many projects on land,” Tripp said.