Musgrove honored at last Poulsbo council meeting

Outgoing Poulsbo City Councilmember David Musgrove attended the last meeting of his 14-year tenure March 20; he received some honors and offered some parting words.

Musgrove, who has served Position 6 on the council since 2011, announced his resignation earlier this year to spend more time with his family. He is the owner of Hot Shots Java in downtown Poulsbo.

“I need to spend some more time on some business projects and with my family and that means I would shortchange my job here so I am stepping down because I need to be responsible for the people I serve,” Musgrove explained.

He received an advanced certificate of municipal leadership from the Association of Washington Cities. He received it for accomplishments in five core areas: roles/responsibilities/legal requirements; public sector resource management; community planning and development; effective local leadership; and diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Additionally, Musgrove attended many conferences and training, earning 130 credits over his tenure. Mayor Becky Erickson also gifted Musgrove a plaque from the city.

“It’s like you inherit new siblings. You love them, you squabble with them, you respect them and care for them, and sometimes you want to kill them. We all have to get along, no matter how different our opinions may be. David has been a master at that. He’s worked tirelessly for the city of Poulsbo. You represent the city well, and we are going to miss you,” Erickson said.

Musgrove added: “It’s sometimes hard for me because I’m one that likes to be a team player and I don’t like to blow my horn… I have no words to express how honored I am for having been able to serve my city.”

The longtime councilmember offered some advice to the rest of the council. “We all agree on most things…but we spend all of our time arguing the details where we do not. We take for granted everything we agree on. That’s a real shame. If you get frustrated, start looking at the things we agree on. We need to stop shouting as much and start listening more. Try to understand everybody and everybody’s position. They have an opinion that is no better or worse than yours.”

He continued saying: “A better idea is better, it doesn’t matter where it came from or who suggested it. Go with it, swallow your pride and check your ego. Question everything…we live in a messy world and trust is at an all-time low. Represent all of your people; you’re not here to represent some of them. It’s too easy to get swallowed up in what’s popular and not what’s best. Look at all of the options and opinions, and weigh all of the facts.”

Lastly, Musgrove said the council needs to be “responsible to those they serve. We have cut out hours per week of committee time, and we have cut back our business meetings and gone mostly to consent agendas. The time commitment to council is far less than it ever has been…If this job is too much…then please be responsible and either buck up or step down.”