McDonald’s, Walgreens team up on 305 location

Walgreens is moving into the neighborhood, bringing the future number of pharmacies in Poulsbo to six.

POULSBO — Walgreens is moving into the neighborhood, bringing the future number of pharmacies in Poulsbo to six.

Walgreens, which teamed up with the local McDonald’s franchise owner, submitted a land use application to build both stores at the corner of State Highway 305 and Hostmark Street.

Walgreens has shown an interest in Poulsbo since last year, when Brian Hunter, Walgreens senior real estate manager in the Pacific Northwest, said Poulsbo was “on our radar screen.”

The 2.38-acre lot and building is owned by Seattle-based Apple Investment Company. According to the application, the building currently on the site will be demolished.

That building housed Northwest Design Center since 2004. Constance Swanlund, the business’s owner, said she didn’t hear about the plans to replace the building until this week, but “all change is welcome.”

“Whatever happens, happens,” she said. She and her staff are “very strong, very resilient.” Swanlund said she has gotten calls from other property and business owners, letting her know of available space where she can move her business.

Walgreens and McDonald’s will build separate buildings on the lot. City planner Linda Mueller said there are no critical areas on the lot and the project is “pretty straight -forward commercial development.”

According to the application, Walgreens will build a 14,500 square-foot store with 52 parking spaces and a drive-thru. McDonald’s will build a 4,270 square-foot building with 42 parking spaces and a drive-thru. The application says the businesses should be open by the end of 2013.

Poulsbo is not getting a new fast-food restaurant. Franchise owner Brian Beaulaurier is vacating the McDonald’s on Viking Avenue and moving to Hostmark. Baulaurier could not be reached for further comment.

Poulsbo Mayor Becky Erickson said the city has known about the Walgreens/McDonald’s plan for several months, and has worked with the owners to ensure the design is “appropriate.” Poulsbo’s zoning code has strict regulations for commercial structures, including “multi-planed roof,” “features which diminish or eliminate large, blank featureless walls,” and exterior walls painted in “subtle colors or deep rich earth colors.”

Erickson is concerned about another business leaving Viking Avenue.

“Everything is in receivership over there,” she said. “All that property is foreclosed on by one bank … it’s difficult to have any open communication with them. I’d love to have more business come to Viking Avenue, I’m working hard to do that.”

Safeway plans to open a 60,000-square-foot grocery store at 10th and Lincoln next year. The store will include a pharmacy, coffee shop, bank, fuel station, and above- and underground parking.

The Walgreens/McDonald’s application can be reviewed at Public comments are due by Sept. 9.