Martha & Mary using gardening for therapy with Eldergrow program

Martha & Mary Health and Rehab Center, has partnered with a Seattle-based company called Eldergrow to bring a mobile sensory garden and indoor therapeutic horticulture program to its residents.

The two organizations introduced the event to Martha & Mary residents who began filling the garden with flowers and herbs.

Eldergrow is a company that offers seniors living in personal care communities a therapeutic connection to nature through gardening programs that bring nature indoors.

“We are delighted to incorporate Eldergrow’s innovative programming here at Martha & Mary,” CEO Lynette Ladenburg said. “Eldergrow is a great addition to our existing horticulture program. Our seniors are enjoying learning about the different plants and gardening techniques and are discovering new and renewed interests as they use the plants they grow for fun activities and culinary programs.”

Martha & Mary is the first senior living community to use Eldergrow’s therapeutic garden in Kitsap County.

“Eldergrow’s indoor gardens not only bring nature inside but also provide proven mental and physical benefits while giving residents renewed purpose” Eldergrow Founder and CEO Orla Concannon said. “We are excited to grow smiles and laughter with the residents of Martha & Mary.”