Man claiming to be Jesus arrested after alleged armed robbery

A man was arrested after allegedly attempting to rob workers of their cigarettes at knifepoint

A 30-year-old Bremerton man was arrested last Thursday after allegedly attempting to rob two landscaping workers of their cigarettes with a knife.

According to the incident report, the man was outside his home yelling about how he was the “second coming of Jesus” at two landscapers. The man allegedly approached the workers, lifted his shirt and displayed a knife which was tucked in his waistband. He then asked them for a cigarette, to which both workers declined.

The man then pulled the knife out of his waistband, court documents say, and started waving it around while allegedly stating “I’m gonna kill you.” One of the workers picked up a machete while on the phone with 911 and told the man to back up, per the incident report.

When the suspect noticed one of the workers calling 911, he allegedly stated “I’m gonna get a gun, y’all are gonna die now.” As Bremerton Police officers arrived on scene, they observed the suspect walking out of his residence, to which one of the police officers drew his firearm and ordered him to put his hands up, the statement reads. The suspect refused to comply with the orders of the police officer and began yelling statements such as “If you shoot me it will be the reckoning.”

The man continued to be uncooperative with police orders, prompting one of the officers to use a Taser to restrain the suspect. According to the Bremerton Police Department, officers used a Taser three more times while restraining the suspect.

BPD noted in an incident report that the suspect had been seen trespassing at a nearby business the night before, when he also stated he was God and part of the reckoning. Medical aid evaluated the suspect and transported him to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton, after the suspect struck his head during his apprehension.

Per the incident report, BPD developed probable cause to arrest the man for attempted robbery in the first degree and felony harassment.

Tyler Shuey is a reporter for Kitsap News Group. He can be reached at