Local teen wins 2014 Indie Music Channel awards

After just a couple of years performing, Afton Prater has met another one of her goals. She’s walked a red carpet.

After just a couple of years performing, Afton Prater has met another one of her goals.

She’s walked a red carpet.

Prater, who will soon be 16, recently attended the 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood and brought home four honors: Best Female Teen Artist, Best Album, Producer of the Year for her producer, Sean Giovanni and Best Country Album.

The awards were April 27 at Whiskey a Go Go in West Hollywood. A VIP pre-party was the day prior at the W Hotel.

The Indie Music Channel is home to some of the best independent singers and bands from around the world, according to its Facebook page. Songs and videos can be seen on the Indie Music Channel on the internet at www.indiemusicchannel.com.

For Afton, the weekend was a combination of meeting other musicians from around the world, and taking a few trips herself up on stage.

“My producer couldn’t be there,” she said. “So I actually had to go up on stage four times.”

She said she didn’t prepare any acceptance speeches and just spoke from the heart.

“I mainly thanked the people who helped me get there,” she said.

While in Hollywood, she got to do a radio interview and talk to other performers.

“It was really cool because there were people from all over,” she said. “I met these two look-alike sisters from Sweden and a guy from Nigeria. Everyone was just so nice and we all chatted. I got some good advice about the music business.”

Afton sang her song “Flawless” at the awards ceremony.

“It was an acoustic version,” she said, “because my band couldn’t come along with me to the awards.”

And when she left the stage, other performers “high-fived” her.

“That was really neat,” she said.

Afton wrote her first song at age 13. She writes mainly about her feelings as a young teen and speaks about a mixture of emotions. She has performed for the past two years. Last year she went to Nashville and recorded her first six-song CD. She is currently writing more songs and hopes to have another CD sometime in the near future.

“Going to Nashville and recording in the studio is really expensive,” she said. “So we’re saving up for that.”

Most recently, a hip-hop artist from Bremerton “Smiley D” has done remixes of two of her songs, “Stay with Me, and “Forever With You.” Both are on I-Tunes. She’s happy to see that her pop country songs can transcend to other music genres.

And like most other 15 year olds, she’s anxiously awaiting her 16th birthday in June and getting her driver’s license. She is currently a freshman at Klahowya Secondary School and lives in Seabeck.

“I’m excited for summer and getting to drive,” she said.

She will open for Josh Thompson at the Clearwater Casino on July 24 and she will sing at Rock the Dock in Bremerton on July 18.

“Right now, my focus is to write more songs so that I can record a full CD,” she said. “And so I can have more songs to perform to add to my show.”

For more, visit www.aftonprater.com.