Local business hosts fundraiser today for Oso mudslide victims

Boston's Pizza and Deli will donate all of today's proceeds to Oso mudslide victims and their families.


Boston’s Pizza and Deli has donated $5,192.25 to the Oso mudslide victims from their event yesterday.

Customers from across Bremerton flocked to Boston’s Pizza and Deli Thursday to show support to the victims of the Oso mudslide. All proceeds throughout the day will go to the mudslide victims and their families, said Cheryl Staff, owner.

Customers may also choose to drop off checks payable to the “OSO Landslide Relief.”

The owners are hosting the fundraiser in memory of John Regelbrugge III, a Navy commander who perished in the mudslide. Regelbrugge III had served aboard aircraft carrier the USS John C. Stennis. Most recently, the Navy commander was stationed at the Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Everett.

To show their support, reactor M-division sailors from the USS John C. Stennis purchased nearly $400 in pizza for the fundraiser.

As of noon, the owners estimated they received at least 40 pizza orders. Boston Deli and Pizza will be open and taking orders until 8 p.m.