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The USS Hazard is on display in Omaha, Nebraska

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The USS Hazard (AM 240) is probably the last surviving example of a Winslow-built Admirable-class minesweeper in the United States.

The Admirable class was the biggest, and one of the most successful, classes of minesweepers the United States Navy ordered during World War II.

The Admirable-class minesweepers were large enough to also be used for patrol and escort duties in addition to minesweeping.

Indeed, the Hazard’s first assignment was escorting a convoy from San Francisco to Pearl Harbor. It later accompanied convoys to the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific.

In March 1945, the Hazard participated in the invasion of Okinawa, sweeping mines and conducting anti-submarine patrols. All told, the ship earned three battle stars during its World War II service, according to Wikipedia.

After the war, the Hazard was part of the reserve fleet until it was sold to a group of Omaha businessmen in 1971.

Today, it is on public display along the banks of the Missouri River in Freedom Park, 2497 Freedom Park Road, Omaha, Nebraska, along with other World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War-era ships and planes, according to Omaha Parks and Recreation’s website.

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